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Venue: live facilitated online session

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This four hour session is facilitated live online with ARMA.

Grow your business..

In its 5th year - Join thousands of revenue management professionals, getting stuff done!

...and growing their profits after applying some strategies learnt in training.

Melissa Kalan

Founding Director of ARMA, Australian Revenue Management Association Pty Ltd & owner of the formal short course qualification in revenue management.

your facilitator...please join me :)

What you will learn
Venue: Facilitated live online
Date:    select your session on payment
Time:   9.30am - 1.30pm 
  •  Understanding performance calculations - accommodation
  •  Understand the relationship between occupancy, average rate, RevPAR, profit and costs
  •   Discuss revenue management strategy and group business
  •  Discuss revenue management strategy and marketing
  •  Understanding performance calculations - food and beverage & conferencing
  •  Distribution Discussion - it's challenges and complexities
  •  Understanding revenue strategy and how to make it work 
  •  Identify areas of missed opportunity in your business
  •  Critical reports to look at daily and why are they useful
  • You will need: - laptop, wifi and calculator and a quiet space
  • The ability to print off some homework sheets

Thinking about completing ARMA revenue management training?
These professionals did - check out what they had to say...

"My team attended an ARMA revenue management workshop and after applying some of the strategies learnt in training by Melissa Kalan, 
we have seen an increase in revenue in excess of $100K. We have been yielding the same way for well over 10 years and never have we seen a spike in revenue quite like this. 

We are thrilled with the results" 

Lorraine Golightly, Owner Operator BIG4 Beacon Resort.

"An interactive and informative workshop! Melissa Kalan presented Revenue Management in a way that allowed the participants to engage and easily understand the techniques. The workshop was interactive and educational and the audience was left feeling very positive” 

Loretta Ierardo, Former National Training Manager, Choice Hotels Asia-Pac 

"Thank you for an enjoyable and beneficial workshop yesterday.It was reassuring to know that the practices and procedures we use here at the Duxton were discussed yesterday and can be improved upon to achieve greater results. I also gained some insight in to new practices and strategies which I look forward to implementing as the year progresses".

Michael Henderson / Reservations and Revenue Manager - Duxton Hotel, Perth 

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